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More Piya

One of my favourite lyrics from the movie Devdas....
together with its translation for the ones 
who don't know Hindi just like me:)

It gives me the following feelings....
Mystics emotions hidden under concrete words...
Sacred love blinking behind simple gestures...
Strong bonds between two lives...
Finding and losing in a second just like a drop 
of tear flowing through a smiling face never letting 
you find out whether it is because of 
happiness or agony....
Certain feelings can be hidden 
but they are deemed to come to surface 
when the right time comes no matter what...

Here is the lyrics>>>>

Na baiyyaan dharo, aati hai mujhe sharam
Haan, chhod do tumko hai meri kasam
Na, zid na karo jaane do mujhe balam
Dekho, doongi main gaaliyaan bhaanwre
Chalo hato sataao na more piya
More piya, darrta hai dekho mora jiya
Ho more piya, darrta hai dekho mora jiya
More piya

Don't seize my arms; shyness overwhelms me
Yes, let me go; you have my oath
No, no, don't be stubborn, let me go, my sweet!
Look, I'll badmouth you; go away, turn back, move, 
don't torture me, my love
My love, behold how my heart trembles with fear.
My love

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