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Habit of Pain

Life is weird…Both astonishing with the every newcoming day and at the same time so familiar with the each passing day!
The act of “living” is so hard as well as being an easy baby-toy…Hard in the way that you have to face distrust, misuse, cheat, abuse, losing, missing, pain, tears, heartache, LOVE, backbite and many others which i even dont wanna mention; however, life is so easy for us-we, the human beings- as when you experience ONCE each one of them, then you are done…coz this so-called “long path” is just composed of the repetation of the same stuff…so when you fail ONCE, dont worry, just chill…coz when you will be failing for a SECOND time, it wont hurt that much…as the pain is to be habituated!!!


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