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Today while i was on the way to the office in the early morning after a-week vacation, this sentence was whirling in my mind. Seven big days when i could sleep like angels as much as i wanted, i did every possible free-time activity with a pleasure at peak, and i ate like little bear whole day (lol). But suddenly on the 8th day i had to get up at 6 am to catch up with the office routine. I compensated for the breakfast with a half bowl of cornflakes while thinking about the workload waiting for me!

One day before, one day after…what a contrast isn’t it?

When i stepped in the borders of the company, the usual familiar street doggy greeted me looking with wide-open innocent brown eyes; i told him “You should sleep while you have time.” He kept looking at me, i doubted he did not undertand me (lol). Then i went inside, took the lift, stopped at 7th floor, took a deep breath and opened the door to my routine but habituated, boring but necessary world; i kept a slight smile on my face while whispering my friend’s words to myself.

“Yes Eddy…this must be the bottom line!” (lol)

P.S. No matter what I love my job:)

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