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Last night i watched the movie “Mehbooba”…here what i want to talk about is not the movie, here what i want to share is the lyrics of one of the songs i heard within this movie…although i was unable to figure out fully what it says word by word i got the main idea which was BILKUL Pyaar!!!

here it is….

Yaar, Tera Shukriya, Ho Ho Ho Pyar Tera Shukriya
Hum Salaam Karthe Hai
Hum Yeh Dil, Hum Yeh Jaan, Tere Naam Karthe Hai
Hum Yeh Dil, Hum Yeh Jaan, Tere Naam Karthe Hai

Sab Rasmon Ko Choda Sab Kasmon Ko Thoda
Tere Naam Se Naam Humne Jod Liya
Phoolon Sa Khil Gaya Hai, Dil Se Dil Mil Gaya Hai
Seeshe Ki Sab Diwaaron Ko Thod Diya
Hum Yeh Dil, Hum Yeh Jaan, Tere Naam Karthe Hai

Yaar, Tera Shukriya, Ho Ho Ho Pyar Tera Shukriya
Hum Salaam Karthe Hai
Hum Yeh Dil, Hum Yeh Jaan, Tere Naam Karthe Hai
Hum Yeh Dil, Hum Yeh Jaan, Tere Naam Karthe Hai

Mein Ne Socha Nahin Tha Mein Ne Dekha Nahin Tha
Koi Aisa Mera Diwaana Hai
Mujhko Eh Haseena Teri Baahon Mein Jeena
Teri Baahon Mein Marna Hai
Hum Yeh Dil, Hum Yeh Jaan, Tere Naam Karthe Hai

Yaar, Tera Shukriya, Ho Ho Ho Pyar Tera Shukriya
Hum Salaam Karthe Hai
Hum Yeh Dil Dil, Hum Yeh Jaan Jaan, Tere Naam Karthe Hai
Hum Yeh Dil La La La La La, Hum Yeh Jaan La La La La La, Tere Naam Karthe Hai

Mehbooba Mehbooba…

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It had been quite a tiring journey for her but thinking of her target made her forget all the distress going on for hours. When she was about to get on the plane, butterflies were moving their wings in her stomach, felt like a little kid on her first day at school. She kept imagining him, how he would meet her, whether he was excited just like her, whether he was impatient too…Yet she did not know the answers to any of these questions. This was the first time she had ever been abroad and she was told Ontario was really cold at this month.


Finally she got her luggage and managed to get out of airport. He was supposed to meet her at the gate outside. Her eyes started to go through every figure which did look like him. It seemed he had not arrived yet, so her impatience kept increasing with every minute spent while waiting. It had been one hour now and he was nowhere around. She dialed his cell number with hesitating fingers and she heard that routine female voice giving the bad news that his number was out of use. But how come?! She had called him last week to give the flight details; she had heard his sweet but manly voice just a week ago.


She felt helpless for a moment and was unable to think of what to do due to extreme panic. Then she sat on a bench and searched for something in her handbag. She took out her agenda and went through the pages with a fast move but her upset face showed she had forgotten to note down his address. Now her cheek had gone red, heartbeats accelerated and she started to sweat due the adverse event she was in. This must have been a nightmare, she would scream and wake up soon at a dark room but no; she was totally awake and aware of the situation.


She had almost lost all her hopes when a brilliant idea came to her mind. She took her cell out and began to scan all the names in the list and there it was…His home mate’s number was sparkling just in front of her like a unique stone. She felt as if she found some water in the desert. She dialed the number her inside thrilling and it started to ring. Those few seconds were like centuries to her. Then a strange voice replied:


-Hi, I am Fahad’s friend. I am at the airport right now. I called him but did not reach.

-Well, he is not at home.

-Ok, and his number does not work, you know any other number that I can contact him?

– Well, no I don’t know his new number.

– You mean he changed his number?!

– Yes. By the way who are you exactly?

– mmm I m his girlfriend, his fiancée actually. May be he told you about me.

-Hmmm. He did not mention about you. Where are you from?


– Ahan.

– Ok, but when will he be back home? Any idea?

– He won’t be.

– What do you mean?

– He went back to Pakistan for his marriage!

– What marriage?

– His fiancée was a Paki just like himself. And I guess this is a joke what you are doing right now….


She ended the call without saying anything further as she was unable to hear or speak. She was trembling. This was the only sign showing that she was alive; all other senses of hers were all gone. People kept looking at this stranger sitting on the bench hugging a medium-sized luggage. Some even asked her what had happened but she did not hear them, did not see them even.


When the night fell, she hardly managed to go to the reservation desk dragging her luggage behind, looked at the official with frozen eyes and said “Give me a ticket for Pakistan!”



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I am sure almost all of you have heard about one of the famous books of Jules Verne which is Journey to the Center of the Earth. After this exciting and fantastic fiction now it is time to meet its fascinating movie with the leading cast Brandan Fraser, Josh Hutcherson and Anita Briem.

Although the story line has nothing new to give you apart from what Jules Verne given to the reader, and at the same time although it is away from the details hidden in the book, the technology applied in the movie is its main and foremost feature which promotes its popularity. The movie is a 3-D one which provides you with the effect of a strong reality taking you into the movie with all your senses. For example, when the hero spits on the screen, it is you to deal with it:D

All in all i can say i had a quite an exotic one and a half hour and i can strong recommend the movie for those who haven’t seen it yet!

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More Piya

One of my favourite lyrics from the movie Devdas....
together with its translation for the ones 
who don't know Hindi just like me:)

It gives me the following feelings....
Mystics emotions hidden under concrete words...
Sacred love blinking behind simple gestures...
Strong bonds between two lives...
Finding and losing in a second just like a drop 
of tear flowing through a smiling face never letting 
you find out whether it is because of 
happiness or agony....
Certain feelings can be hidden 
but they are deemed to come to surface 
when the right time comes no matter what...

Here is the lyrics>>>>

Na baiyyaan dharo, aati hai mujhe sharam
Haan, chhod do tumko hai meri kasam
Na, zid na karo jaane do mujhe balam
Dekho, doongi main gaaliyaan bhaanwre
Chalo hato sataao na more piya
More piya, darrta hai dekho mora jiya
Ho more piya, darrta hai dekho mora jiya
More piya

Don't seize my arms; shyness overwhelms me
Yes, let me go; you have my oath
No, no, don't be stubborn, let me go, my sweet!
Look, I'll badmouth you; go away, turn back, move, 
don't torture me, my love
My love, behold how my heart trembles with fear.
My love

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Sometimes it is impossible to know whether we have someone or not, or if we have that someone, what is the degree of relationship between you and him/her. Here “have” does not mean owning the person like a random possession in our lives. It renders that “him/her” means us a lot, like if ever we have to lose that “him/her” we will feel as if we are killed….


Have you ever had someone you try to have with all your existence, with all your alive feelings, with a burning passion or with a childish innocence? If you had, then you will be able to figure it out how one feels after letting that “him/her” go away from your life; trying to protect at least the traces “he/she” left on your life, trying to refresh each and every memory with every passing day, trying to revive a smile or a lovely gesture by “him/her”; or a warm word as if it’s just said…


Consider the chain of people around your life once again and if you have such people who are still with you and you still “have” them, just hold them tightly because when they leave you behind by any reason the footsteps of “his/hers” mixing with the heartbeats of yours keep echoing in you forever!

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I am tagged for the first time….

Well, something weird happened today…one of my overseas friend (Sree thts u lol) told me that he tagged me…first i didnt get wht he meant as i am quite new in this blogging world but he cleared the issue for me…i considered it as a game to decrease the feeling of torture…:D (mazak mazak)…

Here are the titles:

1) 6 whatever’s about me

2) 5 things i miss right now

3) 10 things i wana achieve in a decade

Well i wll try to meet the requirements but to be very honest i stll dnt know wht i ll get in return except facing myself in many ways…lol

And the sad thing is that i have no one to tag….lol

ok lets start>>>>>

6 whatever’s about me:

1) I love india…i m a great fan of indian culture and its cinema…i find all these colorful clothes (sareees), accesorizes (bangles, payels, ear-rings etc) and beautiful indian ladies with long black hair quite fascinating. When i think of india the first thing coming to my mind is bollywood and all those sad or happy love stories….sincere scenes reflecting the country’s culture itself, friendly athmosphere and awesome nature views….well i can wrte about india pages and pages so shortly, as in sung in Pardes “yeh mera india, i love my india”….:D

2) Writing is my big passion. i find very relaxing and satisfying to write about anythng and everythng and i feel happy when my writings find some readers…and when these readers like my writings!

3)I have a habit of daydreaming..lol i can imagine things all of a sudden, i can compose scenarios in my mind and get lost in them…hehehe

4) Every sunday afternoon i go to starbucks cafe to drink a cup of coffe latte (small size and hot) with a choclate chipped muffin (yummmy)

5) I watch at least 3 movies every week either hollywood or bollywood…

6) i dont like talking on phone, especially in English!

5 things i miss right now

1) i absolutely miss my parents and my hometown…since i live away from them…

2) i miss talking to one of my old buddies about anythng stupid or anythng meaningfull as we used to do in the past.

3) i miss the games i played with my cousins when we were tooo tiny to understand the world..lol…good old days!

4) i miss my tree where i used to sit on its highest branch and used to eat plum till i get pain in stomach (i guess i was a bit notty kid lol)

5) i miss fighting with my sister face to face, it is a bit difficult on phone…hehehe

10 things i wana achieve in a decade

1) to be a good and even professional writer and to publish my books

2) to act in a movie with Shah Rukh Khan 😀

3) to visit india (especially Taj mahal) and see each of my indian friends…

4) to go to Canada and to take a walk there on a snowy Sunday…

5) to go to Uk to meet my best overseas buddy there

6) to be able to speak fluent Hindi and Urdu and to refresh my German which i almost forgat…

7) to be able to watch a SRK movie in a big cinema screen which seems impossible in my country…lol

9) not to be too sensitive as it causes me to get hurt on every small disappoinment…

10) to participate in a traditional indian wedding

i guess i m done…phew..tht was really ummmmm realllyyyyy make me travel through my past… Srrreeee hope i satisfied the titles…lol

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Last night i watched Grease by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. It is an awesome musical which met the audience in 1978. I was angry with myself thinking that why i waited for so long to see this movie. It is such a lovely timepass and a great fun making the audience laugh on almost each scene.

The clothes and the hair-style of the relevant period are making the movie more interesting for the ones who missed the chance to see the movie beforehand (just like me!).

Travolta was rocking as ever with his face expressions, dance figures and with his innocent colorful looks…

Now i have one more reason to become a fan of Travolta:)

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Shadowy Day

Your eye-catching shadow is wandering all around me…

All the corners in the street, all the near-by spots that i have been, all the paths that i have followed…

Still i am missing you!!!

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Habit of Pain

Life is weird…Both astonishing with the every newcoming day and at the same time so familiar with the each passing day!
The act of “living” is so hard as well as being an easy baby-toy…Hard in the way that you have to face distrust, misuse, cheat, abuse, losing, missing, pain, tears, heartache, LOVE, backbite and many others which i even dont wanna mention; however, life is so easy for us-we, the human beings- as when you experience ONCE each one of them, then you are done…coz this so-called “long path” is just composed of the repetation of the same stuff…so when you fail ONCE, dont worry, just chill…coz when you will be failing for a SECOND time, it wont hurt that much…as the pain is to be habituated!!!


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Miss Universe 2008

Last night i came across Miss Universe 2008 contest on one of the channels…I thought why not to enjoy for a few hours watching the gorgeous ladies from different countries…first it was fun but later on it made me think about one important question:

If these girls are from this Universe, where am i from? 😀

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Today while i was on the way to the office in the early morning after a-week vacation, this sentence was whirling in my mind. Seven big days when i could sleep like angels as much as i wanted, i did every possible free-time activity with a pleasure at peak, and i ate like little bear whole day (lol). But suddenly on the 8th day i had to get up at 6 am to catch up with the office routine. I compensated for the breakfast with a half bowl of cornflakes while thinking about the workload waiting for me!

One day before, one day after…what a contrast isn’t it?

When i stepped in the borders of the company, the usual familiar street doggy greeted me looking with wide-open innocent brown eyes; i told him “You should sleep while you have time.” He kept looking at me, i doubted he did not undertand me (lol). Then i went inside, took the lift, stopped at 7th floor, took a deep breath and opened the door to my routine but habituated, boring but necessary world; i kept a slight smile on my face while whispering my friend’s words to myself.

“Yes Eddy…this must be the bottom line!” (lol)

P.S. No matter what I love my job:)

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“The best things in life are unseen, that is why we close our eyes when we kiss, cry, and dream.”


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Take shelter under my wings,

which can only fly with the power of my love…


Hide your soul under my shade,

which can only be visible in my burning passion…


Bury your body under my smell,

which can only be felt at the peak of my emotions…


Let your screams mix with my tears,

which can only flow out at an endless pleasure time…


Hear my whispers in your ear softly:

“Be with me,

Let me be your truth”…

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He was looking out of the window of the top floor of the hotel, his eyes locked on the horizon, when the door was knocked twice. He thought she was on time; they could watch the sunset together sitting on the terrace feeling the chilling wind on their faces. That was the best place also to be close to the clouds….He always imagined to be one of them flowing in the air without knowing where to go with the next rain.


He touched the door-handle feeling its cold steel. Was he afraid of? But afraid of what? Of being on a foreign land? Of regretting later for what he was going to do soon? Or of hurting her? He knew there would be no return once he opened the door. But what would happen afterwards? He didn’t want to overstrain his mind any further and opened the door.


She was there looking at him innocently with excited eyes. She seemed nervous to him, he was also having difficulty in controlling his breath. No matter how hard he tried, his chest moving upward and downward in a fast rhythm showed that he was impatient.

“Welcome, please come in”, he said with his ever-cute smile.

“Thank you”, she said and stepped inside slowly with hesitating feet.

He realized she was avoiding him, she was just abstaining from looking at him.

“Relax”, he said trying to sooth her.

It made her more tensed as she felt as if he caught her while peeking at him. She did not say anything but her blushing cheeks talked on her name.

This was the first time they were so close and so real.


With a burning sprit, he dragged her towards himself. Now there was no space between them. She closed her eyes and she did not open them until they turned into one soul.


She was in bed when she opened her eyes at last. She looked at the white ceiling; it was not familiar at all. Her eyes crawled on the walls for a while like a small spider tying to discover its environment. Then she realized his hand was still holding hers tightly.



Sun was reflecting its first morning lights on her which made her twinkle. She did not know what to do, what to think, what to feel. She watched him for a while. He was looking so innocent as ever. She kissed his forehead as if getting a souvenir for herself that would remind her of him wherever she would be later on. She had made up her mind. She did not want to occupy neither his mind nor hers. She did not want to be a trouble or a matter of worry for him. There was nothing else to do because they could not have a shared future. It was impossible no matter how much she wanted to be his forever. Yes, best thing was to disappear as if she never entered his life.


He woke up now and first thing he did was to search for her hand. He saw the right side of the bed was empty. He looked for a trace proving her presence in the room. There was nothing and there was noone. She had gone…

They did not hear from each other again. And none was able to know whether it was a night of love or not…



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It has been a long time since I last saw you

I was crying then and you were worried

You just murmured “dont know what to say”

And i replied “i know as i love you”


Your eyes already said no to me

And your body had turned its back suddenly

You were ready to go forever

And i was ready to die


I still hear your steps on the stairs

I still remember how hard it was to stay behind the door

I still see your face looking back at me over your shoulder

And i still love you!



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